Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Where we go from here?

Where we go from here?

Fundamental changes in how society works, behaves and lives is dependant upon the fiscal, family and environmental environment we live within.

To have any 100% or 500% change in the way we move forward quickly to resolve any of the climate and ecosystem disasters awaiting us , we have also as a civilization be swift on our feet to change fundamentally what we have always assumed were the right ways to progress forward, indeed , mankind has moved forward only at the expense  of sacrificing his own kind, but also that of all ecosystems, life and natural resources of the planet.

If we are to move as quickly as you suggest we must, we must change the fundamental priciples of how we value life and resources.

Fundamental change of how we value money and what it is, is the main area of change that must be addressed. In the past money was attached to gold, before that it was for Land and stock.

We have now to return from the present heady days of money can be printed and has no integral value, and return to attaching it back to the basics of life.

A Natural Resource Tax, on all natural resources to replace ALL existing taxes, This then would place a value on them to reflect the damaging effects their use has upon the planet.

Alongside this it would also fund a Universal Basic Income  which would replace almost all welfare . health, and pension schemes .

Finally a Death tax might also apply to prevent excessive wealth being transferred between generations as proposed by Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Snr.

This could be sold to all sides of the political divide, by keeping the benefits of capitalism with its incentives to do well, but also restrained enough to share the wealth to everyone.

Indeed it is the wealth sharing and the transparency of such a scheme that would provide the natural security each individual needs for their prosperity.

This also would empower businesses and individual all to do the right thing , through their power of being a consumer, The more money spent would mean the higher the environmental footprint of that transaction, Indeed it empowers people as individuals and employees to really ensure that the resources they use are minimised and made best effective use of. This of course would also need a fundamental change of heart in the way Patents and copyrights are hoarded and abused.

This a whole mindset change for all and really does challenge the norm of today and resets where we go from now on

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