Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Grenfell before and after

Grenfell  before and after........

The fire at Grenfell Tower is shameful but inevitable, due to the poor communications over decades , caused by a system of government that refuses to discuss and compromise  and arrive at pragmatic solutions to problems.
Governments of all shades within the UK are guilty of maintaining First Past the Post elections which only allows for one winner, that winner takes all and assumes everything they have proposed in their manifesto is the only solution, this makes them almost a dictatorship for that parliament and impose their policies even though they may not be fully subscribed by both the party  or the voters.
It is when we have events of tragedy like Grenfell Towers that it brings this to the fore at an individual level and we ask questions on how this could ever happen, but it will as we did not learn from past fires.

It is difficult for the opposition to maintain sustained debate and questioning , and often results in the subject being thrown into the long grass and not seen again , until another disaster looms.

We see this with the referendum and the last General Election , where the real subject we were all voting for was not rationally debated , with the result of lies , misinformation, and often going off piste with subjects nothing to do with the project in hand.
We are about to enter talks on Brexit without any real discussion or debate, no specialised committees to find ways through the minefield of regulation, laws and obligation we have entered into, instead we have soundbites like "Brexit means Brexit". which means absolutely nothing, unless you really want the hardest Brexit of all, which a few have shouted about. Its interesting to note that today the UK government have conceded to follow the EU agenda on the talks, As if they had any option, they had not done any homework to really influence any other way. The idea of having talks all mixed up is so they would be able to delay and not really confront the various issues with skill and judgement necessary for a successful outcome.

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