Saturday, 5 August 2017

Electric cars are not the future?

May a ask why no mention is ever discussed or thought about when discussing future Transportation, on the subject of a real value being put on all Natural resources according to the actual and potential damage they cause to all ecosystems .
George Monbiot asks , "Electric cars address only a small part of the problem – we need to rethink the whole crazy transport system."
I could not agree with you more , however if we are basing all out future assumptions on the existing values we put on all Natural resources we are surely going to just repeat the same problem we have now , but in another form!
As with your rewilding and many of the issues you raise with very credible arguments, it seems that without a true value of damage caused by these natural resources we will achieve little.
I am not asking for any more taxes than we have now , in fact with more efficient collection , less fraud and evasion , the overall tax burden could be far less than at present, but perhaps not if we need to bring down the debt and convert to a more green and sustainable future.
Its just how  we collect the taxes and what emphasis this has on the minds of the consumers, designers and manufacturers. This new emphasis on valuing nature and natural resources, is fundamental to our very existence, so the quicker we make every individual realise their impact by hitting them in their pocket for the damage they do through the goods and services they consume, the quicker the better.

Further If we are to real go electric we have to generate a lot of the electricity locally and that means with solar or hydrogen , the former is well advanced although battery technology is lagging but not far away from being sustainable , but Hydrogen  converted by solar is a distant dream for local production, but together they would provide all the heating, cooking and transportation needs of everyone, Although transportation may change into a vastly different forms in future.  with cycle tunnels, to keep cyclists dry and warm  and even wind assisted! with public buses remotely controlled according to passenger needs etc ...

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