Thursday, 25 May 2017

3 thoughts on “What TRUMP Can and Should Do About Climate Change”

3 thoughts on “What Trump Can and Should Do About Climate Change

  1. Dear Mr TRUMP and the rest of the world.
    Introduce a Replacement Natural Resource Tax has to provide long term benefits and changes the mindset of all individuals, governments, businesses alike. In fact we are in this all together and this involves us all at all levels and educates us all into protection of and best use of all resources, not just carbon based fuels.
    – Creates a labour driven economy with more labour requirement.
    -Everybody pays no labour,capital,corporation and in fact nearly all other taxes except perhaps a death tax to redistribute wealth.
    -Provide incentives for all in society equally and fairly -To make best use of all resources not just fossil fuels.
    -The consumer pays through their consumption for all the damage and pollution done to the environment.
    -Reduced overall tax take therefore reduced taxation saving up to 50%, subject to models and studies to be completed.
    -Simpler and easy to understand taxation for all except direct natural resource users.
    -Re-invigorated business sector with better understanding of the true value of the resources they use.
    -Consumers have direct control over resource damage by what and how they purchase toe goods and services they desire.
    -Complete change in the mindset of everyone in society
    -Encapsulates all the best of a carbon tax, Ex tax,Land tax, as well as providing a bonus for all of less tax , less resource use and maximize reuse and recycling whilst employing more labour and the reduce the wastage of excessive tax collection costs,and high tax accountants and stopping almost all tax fraud, avoidance and tax evasion as there will be fewer paying tax directly.
    – Remain within a capitalist system to maintain the vigor and technological advances that we change the way we all live.
    The cons
    -Is the the will power there to change?
    -Many are greedy and only want more, rather than willing to share more equally and fairly all resources.
    -The lack of willingness to accept that the rich will have have less and share despite having supposedly of high moral and ethical values of all religions.
    -downright stubbornness for any change.
    As all your commentators suggest, change has to occur if we are to have a society we can all live and prosper in for the future,The question is what to and how quickly, my answer is now and within 1 term of office to change to a fundamental framework as described above.
    QUESTION >>>
    Why is their no or little research on modeling fiscal systems away from the present ones, A fresh look, Out of the box thinking in economics, putting the planet and environment first not the greed of individuals and man?

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