Friday, 17 June 2016

ZEROCO2: Is it possible to build a zero-carbon economy?

ZEROCO2: Is it possible to build a zero-carbon economy?

Having just read this , I totally agree with you that a new model on empowering the consumers into consuming locally generated electricity and a a whole new network of re-distributive power-lines has to be set up. This not only allows for electricity to be generated and used locally , but also for the surplus to be distributed most effectively without going to the the centre first , and losing power along the way.

This priciple is at the heart of what we have to achieve globally , not only in the electrical power generation field , but in the whole approach to the economic model of the planet. It is vital that we all as consumers take the responsibility on and prepare ourselves to pay for the fundamental change necessary to achieve a fundamentally more sustainable way of living and using energy.
Money I believe is just a form of locked up energy , just waiting to be unleashed in the form of all the goods and services we all use , enjoy and consume.

To achieve ZeroCO2  we need to radically change far more than at present, all forecasts show that increasing CO2 emissions will continue until 2025 at least, maybe longer, as much of our heating and transportation needs have not even been really change as yet.What we are doing is making the new technologies far more efficient, but have done little to replace the older technologies fast enough, especially housing and  transport.

Our problem with Surplus CO2 not only rests with power generation industries but also to agriculture , forestry, and all land use, and in this area where forests have been lost not just recently , but over the past centuries , these need to be replaced and whole new swaths of forest that will indeed transform the countryside and many lives , especially hill farming .

It is with with in mind that I have been suggesting a total reformation of the tax system, by empowering the individual and also making them directly responsible for the pollution they cause, by transferring all taxes onto All Natural Resources, based upon how polluting there use is to the planet in terms of climate change but also on the destruction of ecosystems and ecology upon the earth , not just mankind.

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