Thursday, 7 April 2016

In or out of the EU

The EU is our partner, and has been for millenia, the barriers of trade and freedom of movement has been a relatively recent affair and has been hardened with  population growth.  whether migrant or domestic, and the lack of care by successive governments on maintaining a good level of service in all the main areas of their responsibility, being housing, education, health, and of course benefits.

It is our disproportionate distribution of taxes to these elements and more such as defence, transport, and internal security, that has plagued us in recent times. It is our fixation on maintaining a  supposed low taxation policy to attract foreign business and trade into the UK. On the one hand we are saying we want businesses and workers from abroad to increase our efficiency and keep prices low so we can the export or buy the product ourselves or to support a low cost health service. Then on the other hand we seem not prepared to spend enough on training and retraining of our own potential workforce to do the work all these others are doing on the so called cheap, so as a few of us can reap high profit margins.

This dilemma is one that has to be resolved not just in the UK but globally , as it is causing so much heartache for so many, It is in fact a continuation of the slave trade but in a different guise. This new guise of slave working in the uk as health workers , farm harvest workers, builders etc, most have the advantage of being well educated , but see that the only way to better themselves is to take the plunge and risk everything and work their socks off in the hope that one day they will have enough money to return home and build a house and support their family , or to stay hear and own a bushiness they have worked hard to build up.
This is really no different to the vast numbers we had in the 1960's from India , Pakistan, and other commonwealth countries, to run our health service and railways then.

When will we not only respect them as equals in pay and conditions but also it welcome them all with open arms and make them our real friends and co-patriots in forging a new society for all.

The one most single problem we have with migrants is that we do not understand them , we are not helping ourselves to welcome them enough and not doing enough to educate them and indeed our own citizens in training  to not only be a part of our society and friends  but also to educate for life and professional skills  to enable them and us equally to succeed in the real challenges that face us all in the near and distant future.

We are very lucky in the UK that our borders have not really changed over the millenia, and this makes us a very stable society, but as we see with Syria at present and the vast movement of populations towards Europe as a whole, we are all going to be impacted to a greater or lesser extent in the future. We are lucky also not to have experienced war  on our own soil in any real significant way , like that in Europe, The UK has a long history , and one that has not always been generous to the ones we governed   but have have understood the lessons , but it is easy to revert back to old ideas when enough has passed and old bad habits can easily return to haunt us all.

Being Married to a Dutch national, and raised my children  who now are flying the nest to explore the world themselves , and as a lot of families now have a multicultural background, it seem obscene to be trying to force a reverse policy and reintroduce such draconian measure separating our brothers and sisters apart.

If we are so hell bent of separation and division , I Just wonder how we will survive , are we going to be like Germany was in the period between the wars when then were isolated and built a whole new nation from within and only to then find they needed the rest of the world to  trade and do business with  and the had to go to war to get it! Are we really going to repeat history  with more slaves to do our work!

WE are an intelligent Nation with Brilliant ideas, but often fail in the implementation and action except when in a crisis, but there are times that even the crisis can overtake us  and with the global Village falling apart, I fear this may just be a straw to many for the  global donkey to carry, especially when we see what all the other nation s are up globally also. WE need our influence of stability and steadfastness not only to help us in the future but probably more importantly to help harmonise the rest of the world into a more long lasting and sustainable society that we can all live in harmony with each other and at one with the planet.

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