Thursday, 7 April 2016

Panama Files show the truth, and how to change the tax system

The Panama files have revealed what many have thought was happening,but governments and tax authorities ignored and hoped they would not get involved in the consequences that are about to spring forth.

Although governments directly may not be implicated , they are very much involved in allowing such a state to occur and be maintained for so long.

It is this state of governance of the wealth of the nation that is at stake. Should remain in the hands of the few who have not earned it, but often inherited or gained by exploitation of past or present buisiness activities , such as exploitative fashion trade , or export of jobs to 3rd world countries to make use of cheap labour , and even nearer home with exploitative business such as the property market and construction trades and never to forget the land barons of past present and future that dictate the price and availability of homes for everyone.

The Panama files are just the thin edge of a very large wedge that has to be prised open and reveal the true extent of how everyone is affected by the hoarding and exploitation of wealth in all its forms.

Taxation has been the root of all evil in states being able to manipulate and control people from taking a fair share of what should be rightfully every-bodies and not just available for the landed gentry and tax avoiding corporations and the foreign investors to protect their pass me downs from Putin or the Chinese leadership.

Now surly must be the time to wake up and realise this tax system is broke and fixing a few holes may stop a bit of the problem , it certainly will do little to enable a sustainable planet to survive in the future.

Now is the time to revolutionise the whole of the taxation system from the top down and the bottom up, and indeed do away with all the  sideways fraud and evasion. Now is the time  for us all to take action to ensure the likes of this are banished for good , so the future can be guaranteed for future generations and the real problems of mass diseases and climate change along with ecosystem collapse are addressed with some of the misbegotten tax that has never been paid and collected.

The Mass movement like we saw in Iceland over the past couple of days is what is need on a global scale to get the establishment to realise and to fundamentally change the way we all behave and have respect for all the Natural Resources we consume at an ever fast rate, Along with ensuring never again will the few dictate the death of the planet  and civilization as we are presently experiencing.

The Panama files, I hope are just the beginning of opening up of all off shore financial institutions and also some of the on-shore ones also which are pretty dubious.

A real Financial and social REVOLUTION in all what we do with the way we look after the planet has to be really addressed, and with the global population expanding at an unsustainable rate , surly we need to empower each and every individual to take responsibility in their consumption habits and indeed their lifestyles, to ensure there is a future for generations to come. The old ways of taxation and the values placed on things and resources has to be fundamentally redressed so the planet and its life systems can recouporate and regenerate so that all ecosystems can flourish and not just think about man and his personal greed for more at the expense of all else.

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