Saturday, 26 March 2016

Carbons days are numbered

Carbon  days are numbered

I believe we can given the right conditions  reduce or even stop almost all carbon emissions for energy purposes  within a 20 year time frame.

Man's ability to change the world we all live in is mind-blowing,and as can be demonstrated throughout the millenia , our chances of success are often rooted in own abilities , but by the same token it often fails due to our own greed and selfishness.

We have almost the ability to do anything we wish on this planet Earth, the only thing from stopping it is our own desires to have it for ourselves and not to share it out, but as has been demonstrated by the fossil fuel industry itself is that when a product is so abundant and needed by everyone,  that this self greed is often delayed and pushed slowly onto cooperate and shareholders greed for wanting easy pickings and having not really to work any more , but just collect the cash at the end of the day.

WE have the power to control almost everything we do, its just , do we want to?  Our hearts often say yes we want a better way , but often it requires taking a big gamble , A bit like a Brexit , there probably is no return this time , it will mean staying out if we do , but have we the full knowledge to make the break that may may leave to success or failure! We really do no know , however we are beginning to know that the worlds climate is changing fast and  can we really afford to wait till the disaster hits before making a decision?

Surely we have lots of tools in our arsenal from technical fixes of fusion reactors , thorium based nuclear through to more mundane of insulation and reuse of materials, through to economic and financial changes that will command real radical mindset changes by everyone , but has the possibility of initiating a whole new wave of innovation and thinking strategies.

The first two ideas have been worked and reworked so many times  but the economics changes to be made not for idealogical reasons but for our very own survival, is one that has not been talked or even debated , It seems its only allowed to be discussed among the few rich in the world who only want to become richer!

If we are really to bit the bullet and have any chance of success we need policies that everyone in the world can get behind and innovate in all areas, to find that missing something that will make the big difference.

At present we congratulate ourselves on reaching stable carbon emissions ,  but at a time of global recession that's easy, what is not so easy, is the massive reduction all the time whilst having a growing economy, Or have we got it all wrong?

Should the economy be growing or should it be sustaining?  Should all the other ecosystems suffer from man's greed ?  should we not relate all the problems onto the way we spend our hard earned cash. I believe we can given a fair wind , fundamentally change the way we all do things together, and still all live within a society where hard work is rewarded and damage to the environment is penalised, where science and  innovation is supported and ecosystems monitored and raised back to their former glory.

Nearly everyone in the scientific field, natural sciences, financial and economics , all agree that something has to be done, but the problem is that individuals do not want to bear any brunt of the problem, A classic example was the last financial crisis was when Ireland took all measures possible to reduce the financial liabilities  and everyone took a financial hit from cleaners to MPs  whilst The UK did nothing really and tried to spend our way out of the problem making the problem problem worse and little recovery really is deficit terms,
Ireland actually did more in real environmental terms and carbon reduction than the UK , and this example really shows the lack of a understanding of the full interrelationships between the economics and the environmental consequences of any such policies are.

No, there is no magic bullet to solve the climate or environmental problems we have , but we do have at our disposal if we choose to use it wisely is the capacity to change the emphasis we all place of the value of everything we do and consume.

Many environmentalist even suggest this in various ways  such as carbon taxes, credits bonds etc but without a wholesale fundamental change in the way we value all Natural Resources , little will really change fast enough . so we have to have a change the everyone understands clearly and without favour, and Then when we are all on the same playing pitch the may the best man win , but this time The winner is one who achieves most with the least damage to the planets resources, and hopefully with a gain of repairing some to the past damage.

With ice sheets melting faster than expected with results of wholesale drowning of cities, and storms to batter the rest, what choice do we have left?

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