Monday, 22 February 2016

Europe here and gone tomorrow? With no return.

Europe here and gone tomorrow? With no return.

Following on from the PM's short and to the point discussions in Europe , I have decided that is best to stay in  and play an active role within Europe , rather than coming out and  going back to Victorian times with the rich Lords and landowners reaping the benefits of the new slavery regime of the future.

I can see quite clearly why  those who vote no want to get out , and true it is a great concern on how we handle migrants and indeed how we can afford welfare and health benefits , not just for the migrants who probably will pay their dues in due course , but how we can afford to do so just by ourselves without going back to the dark ages of Victorian Britain and exploiting everyone who has not got a title in their name and family!

I see this fiasco of a referendum as  submitting to the far right who only want to drag us back to the "Good old Days", which if we really look back are a shame to our society and culture. Sovereignty is what we make it , and it has always for hundreds of years been our undoing, with wars between the royals of Europe and politicians wanting to ransack the world for their own ends.

The Referendum is not a vote to stay in. It is a vote to be completely out or out with strings attached, what vote is this? There is no choice in a Europe which is together and united, This now is a lost vision , and as we near the precipice of a Brexit , and with all the other problems in the world, Syria  new president Trump, and financial meltdown in China , it is possible that we suddenly have world retraction with building of new fences and walls around the globe, and we all will be like N Korea and isolationist.

We really do not need this, at this point in time , but as the die is cast we have no option other than voting to stay in , even with new terms and eventually try to change from within, as for a complete Brexit , there will never be a chance of returning to join in the future under any circumstances.

I thought as many did once we signed the Maastrict Treaty , we were in the EU for life and no one had the option of leaving. THis is how a family works, and when we joins the EU family it was meant for life. Just how did we get into this farce  of wanting to leave our new family I will never understand.

I for one have real family in Europe , and when I speak to them about anything of the UK and the EU , they all fail to understand the UK view of our Island mentality of we always know better and can do better, but as the world has changed beyond recognition from just a few decades ago, I just wonder how we are to survive in the choppy waters ahead , without friends to help steer a stable course.

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