Monday, 15 February 2016

The future of COP21 depends on economics , not politicians treaties.

The future of COP21 depends on  economics , not politicians treaties.

This is all inevitable , As I see it politicians will delay and delay  and Obama  may do more than anyone else along with China , but who gets into  the US presidency may unravel a lot in  the future.  I may be  pessimist but this only the start of a long haul of fundamental lifestyle changes that has to be implemented before any action happens on any effects on the planets climate , yet alone to mention all the other environmental disasters that are happening also which are excluded from any climate deals that politicians are worried about.

The DEAL as proposed at COP21 is  a non deal and although sets a target of 1.5 degrees C,  which we are fast approaching already, does nothing in tangible terms to reduce the effects we are all placing on the planet on a daily basis. Tackling the crisis by asking big businesses to solve it alone will not be the most economic or socially acceptable way forward, surly we need individuals through their consumption habits to change the way all businesses and governments work, and this can only be done by restructuring the whole taxation  system to reflect the damage being caused. 

As we see already self interests in terms of the major energy suppliers are already looking at new ways to perpetuate their being , and although we will need them into the future , not just as a fuel but as a plastic and chemical resource, which has been little considered to date.  Oil with all its diversified sources will be the first to change as it is dynamic and has that ability , but coal and gas owned  often  and controlled by governments will be the slowest  to change to new technologies and ways of providing a sustainable future, as we see already housing in the UK is still being built to poor standards of efficiency in terms of energy but also of longevity and of low carbon density.However there a few exceptions , but only a few and not the majority. 

The consumer is the one who has to pay the monetary price of any inaction and to me it is the monetary system that is the culprit , but also the solution and we need to fundamentally move towards a system which is directly linked with the performance of the planet in terms of  sustainability  of the planets eco systems.

Politicians have to tackle the economic crisis and the way we all pay for the planets degradation  and as in the past no big business has been held liable for their action except for a few action like BP  and Exxon , but even they have escaped paying their dues in third world countries.

Payment should not be paid by the taxpayer but the consumer who is directly consuming those goods and services , thus forcing real change of attitude and mind set change, at all levels of Natural Resource use. 

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