Monday, 27 June 2016

Brexit Voters

Brexit Voters

I wish to bring to your attention , the number of people who voted "Leave" and are now regretting their decision so soon after the vote.
I believe we do have to listen to the 'people', and it is only right to act upon their concerns , but the referendum was not a plain sailing affair before , with highly charged arguments on both sides, but with few facts on exactly how, whichever result occurred, would affect us both economically, socially and in wellbeing, no-one really new the possible consequences. It is only now after the event of voting to leave are some real sense of what it may mean is starting to hit home both to politicians like yourself and the public at large.

It is my belief that we all must learn from this populist vote , but it does not and should not mean the government from all sides of the house shirk their responsibility for ensuring that the governance of its people should be hijacked into a serious reversal of policy and agendas which have been sought over many years with all nations within the EU to provide a base for long-term security and wellness for all peoples not just the British.

As a Remain voter, and a committed European  I would like to ask you to vote to stay within the EU , and work from within for the changes that the Leavers like yourself, have been asking for. Indeed If you feel so passionate about the success of leaving almost at any cost, I would suggest that you place yourself on the Leadership list in the forthcoming election.

Indeed I am calling your bluff, Act upon your beliefs and be true to yourself  and not be one of the rabble who just follow and often lie to further their own careers. You do have the experience of government and have had roles that will be of great use to you as PM.

I , however would like you to use your compassion and knowledge, to highlight the vast difference between the other EU states and the UK and  find out why we have potholes in all our roads and none in Holland, Safe cycle and footpaths  to enable the fragile elderly to be a part of society and not locked into their own homes as prisoners. Why is it we have the poorest housing stock in Northern Europe , with resulting homelessness and loss of pride and respect for our neighbours and indeed family and friends! Why indeed are we the poor man of Europe , not in financial terms but in real social and wellbeing terms?
WE must learn from the lessons of the past and of the Referendum , so we can all prosper for the future and help reduce the wealth gap, and plan for the future with the planets ecosystems at the heart, so we can all have a long and sustainable future.

Real fundamental changes will have to occur, and pretending we can just tweak here and there, will only do much more damage to mankind and the planet.

Climate change and environmental destruction has to be addressed alongside and indeed as an integral part of any reforms, If these are not a part of the solution we will be seen as a country which not only renege on COP21 but  a far great crime of enhancing the climatic changes that are now taking such dramatic effects all over the globe and our reputation of being a leader nations to one of causing the problems, The difference between the two side is very small, but with huge consequences if the wrong one is chosen.

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