Monday, 14 December 2015

Lesson on how to use money

WE are not running as we have nowhere to run to, we are like headless chickens  and no one has any real idea of what to do except leave carbon in the ground.
There has been no real research into the main drivers of climate change and environmental destruction, MONEY.

MONEY is the key driver of growth as we all know, but what has been little understood is the direct relationship of MONEY in destroying everything we know and love on earth.

It is not until  mankind revalues MONEY, in respect of its value to the planet, rather than man's personal greed, will we ever get anywhere very quick.

We must place responsibility on individuals not just on the few politicians and CEO's of large corporations to make the real decisions. and this could be done by transforming the tax systems from taxing people to valuing all Natural Resources. This shift would place responsibility on all individuals, governments, and business to provide services and goods that automatically take into account the real value of the resources we have on the planet and ensure that there is not needless exploitation and greed , as this would be taxed highly and then self regulate itself .

Keeping in the ground movement, and carbon taxes are just a very small start, but without a revolutionary change in the way we value all resources and find a way of linkage between all aspect of consumerism with MONEY , we will fail to meet any deadlines like headless chickens.

I have respect for Bill Mckibbon and James Hansen et al , But I believe they are missing the most important link of how money behaves within society  and how money is the driver of almost everything. This whole exercise of resolving climate and environmental change is fundamentally an economic one and I place the whole problem with the economists of the past, and so far I see little in the Paris Agreement or at any level of addressing this key issue.

Greed wins

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