Wednesday, 18 November 2015


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The miscalculations may or may not have happened or are still happening but one thing for sure is that as any research based on so many variables, there is no doubt that is not right at the end , what it does do however is to show a trend of possibilities .
To spend so much time and effort on just one aspect of what may cause climate change is fatal, and the thought that carbon is the only culprit is ridiculous in the extreme , it may be the most significant , but there are so many other factors us humans are doing to the planets ecosystems , that some of these are probably are as equal to the carbon in the grand equation .
It appears that factors such as the soil carbon and other life forms that have been vastly reduced, also the green planet of the forests that have an important job of mitigating the rise of carbon but also in cleaning the air and water from many other contaminants that bedevil our lifestyles.
If this article does just one change in our minds , of how complicated the whole affair is and any solution should also address the whole problem not just a small part, as has been put forward so far, and the reliance of governments and large corporations as the only fixers is completely wrong, They can enable, so mankind can change their ways more quickly , but to fix it will take all of mankind's efforts to make any real difference.
Solutions come from the population at large, and with direction on which aspects of our use of all Natural Resources must be controlled by the actual and potential damage they can cause the planets life systems. It is due to the sheer population of mankind that is causing the problem, as David Attenborough explained this week , and we need to change our ideas on our morals and ethics in the very near future.
So Numbers are a real problem , to many people and miscalculations, on all the variables in climate modelling, but still the climate is changing, to what?, we are totally uncertain.
The one certain thing mankind is doing wrong is we are using far to many resources to quickly and in a damaging way to life on this planet.
I ask COP21 to think again and find an economic solution of smart economics where we can grow our living standards , as defined by what?, whilst at the same time drastically reduce our resource use that is so damaging.
Surly we must make the polluter pay , and as the end polluter is the consumer, surly we must individually take responsibility for what we all consume and pay the real price of the damage they cause the planet, So just why not scrap the existing tax system and replace with a single NATURAL RESOURCE TAX ,NRT, which is based on paying a tax on all natural resources according to the actual and potential damage they cause the planets life support systems.

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