Sunday, 3 January 2016

The new economic future?

 Technical solutions rather than economic or social change that can be applied to make the technical solution more relevant and feasible more quickly and without having to find out down stream its not as green as thought , as we have seen with wind power, and solar .

If we do not fundamentally look at the economic and social implications first , how can we ensure that we arrive at the correct long term solutions. Subsidies and Grants are  parts of a bad solution , as they often do not take account of the resources used but just concentrate on the outcome, when indeed it is the resources employed that need to be concentrated on in terms of use ,recycle-ability, and over use.

 Using subsidized steel for the auto industry for example, has lead us to the situation of relatively cheap auto's that make up our massive transport system, let alone subsidies direct to the auto  and oil industries that have encouraged this further at the expense of more sustainable mass transit systems.

It is the fundamental way governments run the economy that has to be tackled , in terms of taxation especially, but also on incentives they give out,  which are often focused on helping the established businesses ,rather than proper incentives for new technologies and ideas that need proving to be sustainable and have longevity.

I do hope governments and people in general wake up soon to the new realities of Climate Change  and how the real way forward is.

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