Monday, 29 December 2014

Black Friday,special offers etc,retailers should give value, not add value .

Bargains, Bargains, All retailers in the UK are often greedy and not efficient and put high prices to cover their own inefficiencies, the big retailers in the UK expect higher returns compared to their european counterparts

Small retailers suffer from unfair competition from multinationals at several levels, from Rates,rents,borrowing costs, bargaining from suppliers, and also higher taxation and unfair parking facilities.

Surely a fair price should be had by all, discounting to clear stock is one thing , but to discount to kill off opposition is another, The multinationals are good at reducing the small retailers to tears, but also small retailers are not skilled at adapting to change and not good at providing good service for the price they charge.

Retailers of all sorts need to be far more consumer aware and provide better value and less added value , which the rich can afford to throw away but the vast majority cannot , and also is a total waste of resources.

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