Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Oils relationship with Religion and civilization

The relationships we have with oil is changing fast, and perhaps we need to look at oil in a new light.

The recent price drop in oil is going to have a profound effect in the future , in disrupting the whole wide world economy as we start to see last night on the currency and stock markets, where sharp falls are happening and almost oil is in a freefall situation.

This will cause many , within the oil industry to fail , if they have not been wise and accumulated wealth to tide them over while the prices are low, The survivors however will only be bigger and more controlling than in the past, and this linked with the rise of  fundamentalism  will cause more suffrage in the future.

Surely the oil price should be stabilised and any taxes put in place to achieve this,  rather than excessive profits for the companies, then could be used to start a radical program of taxation shifting, from taxing individuals directly towards taxing the damage we all cause by excessive use of all natural resources , not just oil.

As Populations grow beyond the earths natural ability to sustain it, something has to break, at the moment it seems the spotlight is on climate change , but water is not far behind , and then we have collapsing ecosystems of the earth itself.  It is becoming imperative to include all these in any solution that is put forward and acted upon. Also it is imperative to have all religions and secular groups to be involved in any long term action, but this debate and discussion have not even been started at any level as far as I am aware.

Taxation is the only real common discipline that can necessitate the real reforms globally we all desire, as it can be accepted by all , at all levels of society as long as its changes are seen to be fair and provide equality to all. note;1.

The world is getting ever more torn apart with Syria, and older disputes to new ones of Crimea and even newer ones of Greece and the UK  exiting the EU, all due to lack of compromise and debate and the need to find common ground.  The rich and poor countries have to accommodate each other if we are to succeed in a future partnership of trade and social harmony. Jumping up and down  and leaving the table , will only result in problems like we saw before WW1 and resulting war.

I really thought mankind could not repeat WW1 or WW2  but the scenarios are getting a lot closer to this now with the great rich poor divide and radical elements within society.

Are we lemmings or not , at present mankind as a whole are acting like lemmings, heading towards the cliff, As we saw in Australia and NZ , the public actually placed their heads in the sand!  next step is to actually jump off the cliff!

Can we use our common sense and intellect? not our brawn and muscle? We have the institutions  to make it happen , but the lack of respect towards them often fails to meet basic human demands , never mid needs. At the same time we have to disempower some of the huge corporations who are lager than life and control so much wealth and principles of life. How can we allow them to dictate terms of trade, tax resource use etc, without  a word being said about the way they are destroying the ecosystems and environment all life depends on.

My assessment is that we will fail unless radical urgent action is taken and human life on earth will be radically different than it is today, with a dictatorial lifestyle that we have fought so hard in the past to stop.

We are at a tipping point for so many reasons , ranging from climate change to political and demographic changes due to religious and  monopolistic capitalism which is fringing on the extreme  due to lack of governance and inability to reign in large corporations who have no accountability to the population as a whole. Change has to occur fast , but mankind has only one option in this scenario, and that is a war!  A revolutionary change has to happen , but with the lack of ideas and the incentives of the rich to change is not strong enough as their wealth is not threatened enough YET! Perhaps with the new Surplus Oil Crisis will start to awaken some new thinking, as we embark on a new voyage into the unknown...

 All societies have some form of tax , its a question if we change , what do we change too, that is acceptable to all?

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