Monday, 29 December 2014

Sir Mervyn King FUN

Sir Mervyn King,ex BoE chairman  called the last years since 2008 "fun", in a discussion with Ben Bernanke This really does call into question his integrity about the seriousness he took the job, being able to play it as a game , says a lot about how well off he is and his non feelings for the poorer in society who always have the most percentage to lose. Ben Bernanke seemed to reject that he thought it was not fun, and found it difficult and challenging .

This speech difference shows the real difference between the powerful men in power and how they see themselves compared to to the rest of society. Are they representing our interests  or only their own ilke whilst gambling with our money?

The maintenance of a wealthy elite is paramount, at all costs , and this is what has been perpetuated since the earliest of times, perhaps it is coming to a time when everyone has to justify their salaries to the public and should be based on how well the population as a whole has benefited, rather than just the few,
Taxation and all fiscal policies have to be not just financially prudent by should also meet the exacting standards of morality, ethical issues and most importantly enhance the planets Natural Resources, so to enable us all for generations to come , to be able to benefit all of gods creation.

Fun is only really to be had , when you have surplus time, resources and money..

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