Monday, 6 October 2014

6/10/2014   David Dunn  on  Naomi Klein

It appears that all groups are in agreement that it will be at the grassroot level that action has to be taken , in that spirit, It follows that once the idea of climate change needs to be addressed, then what is the actual action that has to happen

No-one can accept a loss of face, as we see in many wars of past and present, so we have to be seen to treat everyone transparently in a fair equal,ethically and morally acceptable way across all divides of creed religion and culture.

We have at present a global tax system that is pretty well similar across the globe that has been developed over the past , based on past historical experiences and that the winner of war takes all. This is the premise that has to change, to one where the planet, eco systems and future  generations take precedence over our own greed for the moment.

To that end we must fundamentally reform the value of all of natures bounty and we must re-educate ourselves to the new world order of big populations and limited resources, else we will be forever where we are now with war, famine and strife.

Everyone has to take equal share of responsibility for climate change and damage to the enviroment according to their own means and lifestyle choices.

    to achieve this we must I believe

1 Remove all existing taxes

2 Replace with a NRT,  A  Natural Resource Tax, which is collected at as near to source as possible, mine head, oil well head, owner of land, at the quarry etc, and the amount determined by the potential and actual environmental damage the products are liable to cause.

3 Other issues that effect humanity but also impinge on the environment are, health, welfare, housing, and pensions, and to make everyone responsible for their own actions a citizens wage for life should be used.

4 Finally a death tax should be implemented to redistribute wealth to all citizens as needed.

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