Thursday, 23 October 2014

Changes the NHS and Welfare must make protect the Nation's future

With economic pressures  placing real impacts on the NHS there appears a few solutions being proposed of which the main one that will give any real long term credence is the giving of power to the individual and empowering them to look after themselves.

This empowerment comes with responsibility and respect for others and society as a whole and as sacrifices have to be made by everyone , it should be within some bounds, especially when one sees some abusing their bodies with excess drugs and alcohol and excessive food.
Along side this transition  it is important to educate and reduce working hours so to make life less stressful, and accompanied by an overhaul of housing and open spaces to provide a sanctuary where people can exercise , play and meditate.

Town Planners are often very instrumental in allowing noisy zones alongside residential areas, housing without facilities of balconies , open spaces and gardens are all to often last minute additions rather than a fully integrated part of the plan.

Whilst traveling abroad, there are many examples of good planning and retrofit fixes of past mistakes and these ideas need to be not only shred but acted upon to make a more pleasant and satisfying place for everyone to live , not just those rich few who have the means to buy privateness, and quietness and wilderness, that we all enjoy . It is not just the rich that should enjoy these perks  but all to some extent. 

Housing and the family should always be the first priority of any government, to maintain a high level of contentment and happiness.There has been enough research on this subject to make the right decisions, However it should be linked with the responsibility of receiving a citizens wage , which would enable the individual to take real real responsibility of their own heath and wellbeing.

Without this coordinated approach by all sections of society, little will be achieved and we will fail ourselves and society as a whole and also fail to save any real cash on the budget side.

As we see already, when an epidemic, like EBOLA attacks us all, everyone hides and withdraws all medical help for any other condition also, making the situation a lot worse and could ultimately result in meltdown and all medical service withdrawn and other epidemics of malaria and typhoid could easily make a massive comeback undoing all the good work done in recent years at great vast expense.

This course of action should also run along side a reversal of climate change, which can also only be controlled by all individuals acting together with one common aim of reducing carbon use and ensuring all natural resources are sustainable for the future millenia, not just ours for now.

This part should be acted upon most urgently with the empowerment of all individuals by removing all existing taxes and replacing with a tax on all natural resources at source depending on the damage they do during extraction and final use to the ecosystems and planet ecosphere as a whole.
A healthy planet, environment and all ecosystems will result in healthy people. Respect for all Nature and all the planets resources is critical if we are to form a long lasting civilization for the future.


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