Monday, 15 September 2014

How all the Establishments and big business are lined up to say No to Scottish independence.

All the strength of all the establishments along with all big business is trying to get Scotland to say no to Scottish independence is absolutely amazing sight to see.

Never before have so many been against one enemy  , except for the last wars , have we seen the rich and powerful worried that the voice of the people will upset the biggest apple cart of the British Union.  and all the consequences that may result , especially in devolving power more equally across the rest of the UK and power having to be relinquished in favour of smaller enterprises.

The rich, justifiably worried about the out come , as this will change the politics for the whole of the UK and indeed may inspire other around europe to do the same  and will force all governments to listen to what its citizens are really wanting and demanding.

The days may be just numbered of governments having absolute power without any real democratic mandate by its peoples.

Change will have to happen if the vote is YES , but if it is NO to independence the status quo will be maintained and there will be little change despite all the rhetoric and promises made now , as happen in all recent elections  manifestos are there to be torn up upon election into power, and this will I am sure be no different .

WE need a change of governance in the whole of the Uk and this is our real and few chance s to make it happen lets take it we have little to loose , Its only the rich Greedy and powerful one that have most to loose , and thats why they are squealing and begging to say No to independence

VOTE YES for a  Guaranteed change, Vote NO for NO change  The choice is yours  to make to determine the future of Democracy  for your children and their futures, and so they too can decide their own fate.

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