Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Scottish independence and the world holds its breath

Is this now the revolution we have all been waiting for to reform all the institutions to a new way forward with regards to a more cohesive and equal society?

Many columnists and alternative people have been proposing a revolution in all sectors of society from banking to tax reform , from health and benefit reforms to citizens wage.

Is now the revolution in our midst and we do not recognise it ?

Is it not time to use this moment to capture the BBC and the Press with all the potential ideas that have been buzzing around and give them a good airing .

So far there has been little said by the public of what they want to see happen , No Public TV debates  confronting the establishment and holding them to account , The press so self conceited in their arrogance that they know all the right questions to ask , but fail in the real debate of what sort of society do we really want?

If the Scots do vote YES , then it will be a big endorsed meant that the democratic system has failed in such a big way that no-one now believes them at all.

Successive Government's have far to long NOT been accountable , Parties manifestos extol the radical ideals and get the votes then, nothing happens. The manifesto is ditched in all but name and no one is held to account and the civil service maintains the state of quiet contentment at achieving an even sail of work and policy.

Of course most think this is rubbish except the poor and underprivileged who have to pay the ultimate price of poor health, housing and final early death without care.

Wake up Britain , now is the time to take control from the bottom up and demand accountability of manifestos,  Hold parties to real account is the real constitutional change that has to occur, then the banks , tax, citizens wage  and many other institutional systems will change. and just maybe Scotland then will think again about leaving,

But Have we left it all to late to stop the breakup, I believe we have  and we now have to pay the real price of burying our heads in the sand , That of the poor suffering even more in cuts and uneven distribution of wealth in all its meanings.

Optimistically, I believe we can pull through but it will need a whole mindset change by everyone , not just the politicians but also all citizens, corporations and institutions. WE need a more accountable democratic model based on equality and opportunity for all while at the same time  need to give responsibility to everyone for their own actions to change the way we all want the world to be .

A real sense of achievement must be felt by everyone equally through the everyday decisions they make while buying and consuming the essentials and luxuries of life towards a better life and a sustainable planet for all the next generations to live and prosper in.

I Vote YES for Scotland's independence , so we can see this revolution happen , as a NO vote will I believe return us to the same old state of  nodding heads and returning to the same state we have inherited from the rich classes of the past.

A yes vote is for no turning back to the ideologies of the past , a new dawn is beginning to happen , and a new generation is born to make it happen , lets embrace the future and make it a place our children want to live in.

This is a demonstration of how Democracy can work in its finest hour, A real and collaborative effort is required by all, but it is the duty of governments to govern according to the peoples long term wishes, not to forever go exploring and  being opportunistic, the need to forge a new relationship with Scotland based on trust and mutual benefits for both should have been the mantra , but will have to be the actuality of the future if we are both not to loose to much in the national and world arenas.

As a world leader of the past, we have the knowledge , but have so often failed to use it to our own long term benefit, just for short term gain by the rich and powerful, with resulting long term consequences we see culminating now to a divorce from the UK , which is the final break up of the British Empire.

Vote yes now is so important , so we can now finally break down the shackles of the past and move on quickly to a new and prosperous future , one based on TRUST, EQUALITY,with MORAL AND ETHICALLY BASED VALUES.


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