Friday, 29 August 2014

Micro organisms in the gut and on the planet, all life depends on them!

Last night I saw a BBC horizon program about gut micro-flora and its affect on the humans immune system  and subsequent effects on allergies and eczema  by the heir inactions with the immune system, especially at birth.

This just goes to show how the balance of life is so fine and so interdependent on each other at  all levels of life. These interactions demonstrates how little up to now we really know about living systems and how they work with each other.

Moving up to a planetary scale , we know almost nothing about these interactions between the micro- organisms in the soil, air and water, and how they impinge on our everyday lives through their interactions between themselves and directly on us and the planets bio and climate systems

This brought it home to me , of something I have always taken a strong interest in as all my children , despite living in the countryside all have some sort of allergy and eczema, which also brings me to think there may also be links with the air we breath and the cleanliness of our homes.

I have been promoting a Natural Resource Tax to replace all other taxes , and one reason has been to create an awareness that all resources are subjected to damage and abuse and as a result we have now depleted the soil with low micro-organisms due to mono cropping and pesticides and reduce carbon content due to the lack of organisms to do the work of breaking down organic matter.

This is ongoing and as we find more and more out technically about the earth's bio-systems, the more we are realising the importance of their maintenance at all levels, from rainforest destruction right through to conventional and organic farming to wasting land to urban development. This in an all embracing concept of joint mutuality and ownership of the planet and the consequence we will all bear as a result of not fully understanding these vital relationships .

In Biome 2 in Arizona which failed to achieve a sustainable climate for man to live in . just shows how far away we are from real sustainability, Perhaps we should continuously rerun this trail, until we do understands what makes the world tick.

In the meantime we need to take action , and quick and decisive on a global scale, That is why I believe we have to fundamentally change our habits from the grass roots, and empower every living person to make the right choices, but this only works dependant on the system of governance they live and work within.

We are all dictated and controlled by the laws and legislation of natural laws as well as those imposed by society and the state, It is the latter two which should be fundamentally altered so we all have  a greater understanding of natural law and the processes that underpin the very basis of life.

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