Friday, 8 August 2014

Standing Up for Nature

Standing Up for Nature

The idea of standing up for nature by doing the same things as we have done over the past 100 years or more , will do little other than keep everyone's  conscious  clear and think they have really achieved an answer to the problems of climate change and environmental suicide.

Technological fixes we see at present being implemented, without a real concern to the damage they cause to the planet, by their production and use, amazes me, when we all should know better.

WE are all hung up on a fix that can be implemented without any real downside effects on our lifestyles. Most accept there is no gain without pain , but that is exactly what we are doing, and with no pain the planet is only getting into a worse state.

The pain should be borne by us all equally based on the damage we all actually do by using the money we all earn and spend. Fundamentally Money= potential energy, and when it is spent it releases that energy into the making of more goods and services, with the resulting release of CO2 and damage to eco and bio systems upon the planet.

It is only the direct linkage between money supply , value and natural resources, That will make the fast and dramatic changes that are required to reverse the climatic and environmental problems affecting the planet.

This can be solved , but with pain , and pain by the rich far more than the poor, as it is the rich that are causing the main problems.e with a single Natural Resource Tax based on the damage their use does directly on the planet.

This has the advantages that the individual has the responsibility of the direct damage they cause the environment through their spending habits.

The more we spend the more damage we do to the planet, but if the rich want to have fast cars , then they will have to pay exorbitantly for the privilege of killing the planet and the cost of cleaning it up again.

I believe only fundamental tax reform will effect the necessary change quickly enough , and as it only seems to be getting worse rather than better , we have not much time left..


At this time of wars around the world , governments spend a lot less on environmental issue , By implementing this new tax system the planet remains first all the time , and we are sure to get to the final goal of environmental harmony so much quicker.

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