Saturday, 9 August 2014

Citizens wage, Only part of a bigger picture

 Citizen's wage 

I am very interested on all citizens receiving a wage from the state for life, to cover all aspects of health ,welfare, pensions, and benefits. 

This has been tried in few places around the globe with success but failed when national politics thought they new better and wanted short term gains rather than long term success. as we saw in Canada for example.http:,

I believe it should form a part of a much larger reform , that of replacing all taxes with a single Natural Resource Tax, collected at as near to source as possible, based on the damage to the environment caused by there use.

Both of these are attractive due to there simplicity and reductions in fraud, evasion and avoidance inherent in the existing systems, also there are more transparent, and are more morally and ethically based, as it is the individual who takes their own responsibility upon themselves.

The state should be the enabler , not the doer. At present states do far to much and the people resign themselves to being told what to do, and given what they are told they can have. If we are to have a fairer society with more equality, we must fundamentally change the way the state has control over us , but at the same time enable the state to set the basic ground rules that we all must live by, that is surely a mark of a sustainable civilization. Nothing is ever set in stone  as we have seen in history, but the fundamental state of fear from the State must end, and enable all citizens with a charter of self responsibility for themselves, family and society of the state.

With books like the 'state of fear' and This Changes Everything: Capitalism v's The Climate' , is it not time to realise the fundamental change has to be economic at the institutional levels , being mainly taxation and monetary reform, with Taxation being the most important in terms of actually achieving real reductions in environmental, ecological. and biological destruction and pollution.

I Have come to the realization that money is potential energy  and when it is spent it releases the potential energy in all forms from fossil to nuclear and even our own brain power. So it is vitally important to link directly money with this energy as it is creating the environment we all live in but also this very act releases vast amounts of pollutants  of greenhouse gases and sulphurs that are destroying our planet.  

I hope this helps  to put the whole into perspective a little as I believe we have to implement the whole to get the benefits out.  

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