Sunday, 10 August 2014

The forgotten people of this world today, What are the leaders of the world doing? Very Little.

The Forgotten People of this World

I hear on the radio of the plight of normal families just like you and me with children from Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Gaza and now Iraq, in dire need of help and protection by fellow mankind against the pure inhumane actions of so called civilized allies  or  terrorists from religions or radicals of politics.

Is it not about time we all woke up and realise that everyone is entitled to a minimum standard of living,  a shelter, warmth, friendship and love.

It surely is governments responsibility to provide the environment that these aspects of society can flourish and expand , whist it is the individuals responsibility  as part of society to respect and  help make this happen. within a framework mutually agreed by all participants.

It is governments who are responsible to ensure they listen and adopt policies of the majority whilst at the same time not ignoring and overriding the hopes and dreams of the minorities, their wishes must also be listened to and acted upon.

Discontent breeds more discontent, and it is this that must be caught before it breeds further trouble later, and indeed waiting until a riot has started is far to late.

I call on all churches and governments to really listen and take early action to provide the necessities of life to all, this may well mean  taking more from the richer in society and also reallocation of resources from all, to ensure everyone has a minimum of security without fear, as it is this fear of eviction or loss of work that makes for real insecurity and creates the terrorists of the future.

I may be naive  to think the impossible about the worlds future, but we do need to think the impossible to make the world a better place for all of mankind to live in.

We have the tools of listening now, with internet , mobile phones and social and news media, what is required is real dialogue and action to match, of land security, allocation of resources, housing, food and education.
We don't want more of the same spending on arms, and siding with resource rich nations to rip them off, as has happened with the slave trade which still continues and fossil energy to maintain an unsustainable future.

The UN, Institutions and Governments around the world have to move up a gear and get real. having nice Toyota's to drive in or flash offices in New York . does nothing for the poor and deprived in the world unless they take action that works and not just talking shops.

We have to make Governments accountable  by embarrassing them into action, like we see in the climate debate in the US.

The public has the power to make it happen , lets awaken our leaders to the new future. lets talk, walk the walk and live life.

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