Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Die Or Talk

As the Europe implements sanctions against Russia today with The US , It must not be forgotten that it is talking and dialogue that will be the answer nor economic wars.

All parties must be involved in the discussions , not just powerful outsiders, to discus and hammer out real plans for the future and with determination that fighting should not be entertained.

Brokerage of any ceasefire must be between all warring parties however difficult it may be and any violations should be brought to account via the UN and dealt with by an international UN force.

Bringing people and government to their knees by force , either economic or military, will achieve  high costs to all parties concerned. and result in long term continuing of hatred and bitterness which results in continued tensions and uprisings for years to come .

Have we not learnt these lessons from all the past wars and troubles around the world?

New weaponry which is becoming ever more remote from the players should be banned , and should be seen as evil as any atomic bomb, , if there must be wars let it be face to face , eye to eye, mouth to mouth , but never distance attacks which no-one sees who it is they are killing .

Dialogue Please.

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