Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tale of two futures

Tale of two futures

Russia and Israel hold the future in their hands to preventing climate change is an idea that is a real possibility if it is not scaled down quickly.

The vast amount of energy and resources that are consumed by chasing what is a relative small skirmish is resulting into all the worlds leaders spending a disproportionate amount of time and effort on these two  out breaks of violence and which could potential explode into a much larger conflagration.

It appears that we are intent to impose death and destruction on many thousands civilians  over the issues of power grabbing, pride prejudice, and sovereignty.These are indeed important to maintain a stable society, but to go to such extreme lengths is morally and ethically obscene, especially when most fighting is done from behind computer and radar screens and not eyeball to eyeball and all churches would do well to condemn the actions from all sides from a humanitarian aspect if nothing else.

All peoples around the world are entitled a share of the planet on an equal basis , and everyone should be able to have equal opportunity to have some share in its rich resources the planet has to offer. This surely means that inherited and passed on wealth should be curtailed to ensure the rich do not have a disproportionately unfair advantage over anyone else in society.
We do have laws that govern some aspects of human activity, ensuring an even hand is given to all, but when it comes to wealth, few controls are entered into.

Wild animals fight over the resources they have, but we have intellect, which should pave a way forward of a harmonious society that is free from fighting and a society that is fairer and more equal should be found

WE are at the cusp of a pivotal point in mankind history, On the one hand we have to make a critical choice about the planet and global warming with all the subsequent scenarios that could take place. On the other we have the choice of destroying ourselves  before the planet does by exponential spreading of fear and wars over basic issues of power.

The choice is clear, War and all the wasted resources with combined human misery and rampant climate change affecting the planet, or a real effort in a transformational change in the way we run society with an equally transformational change in technologies and human behaviour in the use of all natures valuable resources.

The Choice is ours to take , we must make our voices heard now while time is just on our side.

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