Sunday, 1 September 2013

We shall overcome, someday!

"We shall overcome someday" if we "give peace a chance" and let politicians listen properly the the people.

These quotes from protest songs in the 60's are still relevant today and being reminded of "I have a Dream" speech by Martin Luther King , bring it home the importance of the events that are unfolding today, with President Obama and PM David Cameron , both for various reasons are giving mankind a chance to speak as a single voice from the heart of the population.

It is critical that this opportunity of engaging every citizen from the process of having a real say in the future of not only their own state but that of protection of individuals all over the globe. As in any dream some are nightmares and some are premonitions of how we all could live in the future, Let us take , Now, this chance to empower the individual with the idealism of equality, fairness and transparency, which appears in the prospectus of nearly all the main parties.


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