Sunday, 1 September 2013

Has David Cameron shaken Obama?

Has David Cameron shaken Obama?

Has David Cameron shaken Obama over democratic reform of how democracy works, and is it a new realization that that democracy needs the will of the people behind it to make it work?

Shooting from the hips in response to most political problems has been the hallmark for many years, usually it takes a war to realise that discussion and the will to resolve problems is a far better way.

It took WW1 to set up the League of Nations and then WW2 to set up The UN, NATO, EU  and Comecon.

Now for the first time in history our leaders are beginning to think that they need to carry our support for actions they take that may lead to unforeseen consequences that may prejudice there place in the world, and with China , India and the emerging developing countries flexing their economic powers, within a resource finite globe that is susceptible to drastic environmental and climate change from mans actions, whether economic , military or consumers;  rely on a new listening and  adaptive way of politics for the future, and not remain stuck in past historical ways of doing things.

It is only with a new democratic way of discussion ,communication,and consensus,  can we secure a long term viable future for our overcrowded planet.

Sustainability does not flow from a mouth of a gun , it comes from the understanding of nature, society and the willingness to share, forgive and love each other for who they are.

This is our chance now, not to kill more, but to take the initiative with Russia , China , Iran and others, to discuss our disgust to the use of all weapons of death and renew our commitment to to arms reductions and penalize those who don't with sanctions other than militarily.

Lets not miss this golden opportunity, call the UN together to unite all nations not to discuss who fired what , but to re-affirm our commitment to harmony and a peaceful world and do what it takes to achieve this by peaceful means.

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