Friday, 30 August 2013

Is this a new beginning for democracy and listening to the populous? A real game Changer?

Is this a new beginning for democracy and listening to the populous?

Last nights decision by David Cameron to listen to the vote of MP's in the Commons could have profound effect on the way politics works in the UK and democracy as a whole.

The effect of having a vote before  going to war is a changing moment in not only the history of the UK but also the world. The very idea that the People may decide whether to go to war or not is a real fundamental change in the power of the elite and Establishment.

 In the past the ruling elite have protected themselves by having a veto of taking decisions without asking for consent from the people, but know , it seems that governments will now have to ask the people more often about crucial decisions that affect its citizens and indeed, others all around the world.

The idea of having a strategic  act of war that is targeted and with a narrow  aim of demonstrating our anger and disagreement with the use f mass destructive weapons would have only fueled an already explosive region and would probably expand into a vastly unruly war without end.

I fail to know how any strike could be enacted to provide a limited  and controlled response from the Assad regime, Who to strike, where, what target? All are liable to go wrong and fuel a far bigger war.

There has to be a new way of showing our anger and displeasure of weapons of mass killing, Is it not more reasonable to place sanctions in unison with all UN states and co-operate together in the aim of reducing the stocks of these on a multilateral basis, whilst at the same time reducing the arms trade and stocks of our own weapons of all sorts.

Arming and the arms trade must be made to be obsolete and as the Muslim Brotherhood are showing , power is not always at the end of a gun, and their non-violent ways are to be commended and in the long term will probably win out whether we like it or not.

The gun is for the arrogant and ignorant but want to protect their self interests, I just wonder what interests we are thinking of in Syria? Cheap oil, Cheap labour. The days of the slave trade are still here in other guises, and it is this use of  modern slaves, in the form of cheap resources  and cheap labour, that drives the lust for war  to provide a physical wall  between the haves and have not's, and a wall of ideological and mental fear, so as to provide cheap resources without a murmur.

The new young generation of today in the west, who have not seen global war, have an opportunity to really make their mark in the international arena on conflict resolution, and as we have seen in the global financial crisis , it is only by National and International understanding and agreements, that any long term solutions will be found and be able to endure the test of time.

So I must congratulate David Cameron and the whole of the present government on last nights momentous decision. So lets hope this is the new future of openness, transparency and truth. Then politics will be really engaging and everyone will want to participate at all levels.

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