Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Natural resources, what damage to the environment does their use cause ?


What research is being conducted on quantifying in standard units the direct and indirect damage caused to the environment at a micro or macro level by the actual use of natural resources? 

All Natural resources are "Free" before we start to make any use of them, and we need to place a value on them by the damage by their use they cause to itself and the rest of the environment, including man.

At present no-one is held directly responsible for any damage caused , who pays the price of oil spills? air pollution , noise pollution, mono cropping etc causing ecocide of all the micro and macro-flora of the soil and local habitat? The consumer is the one who demands this damage to occur by the price they are prepared to pay .

I believe we all should pay for the damage caused to the environment directly through the goods and services we all use and consume.

Existing means of green taxes and taxes on pollution and damage, are often at cross purposes with economic growth of economies around the globe and with the associated subsidies and grants that distort so many values of the resource we all rely on. 

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