Monday, 19 August 2013

Fracking, the Church and everyone

Fracking, the Church  and everyone

This debate of fracking  and energy policy is falling into the mire through misunderstanding and ignorance of all the highly complex issues it encompasses.
To bring this into a debate where we can really discuss on an equal footing, there needs to be real honesty about how distorted the whole energy marketplace is at present, with subsidies and grants at all levels from all agencies, governments and local initiatives. It is not until we have recognition of the real cost of green and alternative energy sources can a full appraisal be made. we have already backtracking on some solar,bio,nuclear and wind projects due to miscalculation of costs and effects on the environment of the projects.

Then we have the tar sands,coal and fracking sides of the carbon industries not prepared to own up to the real costs to the environment of the environmental damage they cause.

"All energy costs the earth" in terms of damage to the environment in natural resource use and subsequent damage to the environment,man, and the whole biosphere we all enjoy and use.

With, ever increasing money supply, which directly represents all the actual and potential energy we use, it is obvious that more energy will be required and extracted from any source possible and it would be the tax system that would then determine how each develops based on its effects on the planet and the biosphere as a whole.

The tax system established by the churches and past governments over the millenia have failed in establishing  all natural resources from air to water , land to minerals and oil to coal as a resource owned by mankind as a whole for their mutual benefit on an equal basis for all.

This failure has led to wars, pollution. and unfair wealth  distribution for all.

The fundamental question is how do we address these problems?

Many are are discussing this very question but few appear to be looking it as an holistic whole earth problem, and instead look at small direct fixes for immediate fire fighting of immediate problems, and often cause more long term problem for the future and our children.

Fundamental shift of Rewards and Penalties needs to be introduced, not fundamental political changes, but real down to earth simplicity of sharing and caring for each other and the planet. This will of course, will inevitability take from the rich and help the poor, but even the poor will have to change their habits and ways.

What is required is a shift for self awareness and to take responsibility for our own actions and also take ownership of the decisions we all make on a minute by minute basis.
This can only be done  by empowering each individual  equally so they as consumers and innovators can make the real decisions that will both provide for their families and also protect the planet.

Shift all Taxes away from individuals and replace with a common Natural Resource Tax, which taxes all Natural resources at as close to source as possible, based on the environmental damage they cause. This then gives the individual more money to spend on the goods and services of their choice, but paying expensively for the most damaging and polluting.

This shift does change the dynamics of all of how mankind works in its financial and trading instruments, also it changes the way we all think in the way we design, manufacture,distribute,and consume, as well as disposal and recycling. These must be based on the real effects caused by there very consumption.

In this way we are empowering the individual to make the right choices within a fully open and free market economy, albeit, with a new rule book, which all national and sovereign states could adopt without prejudice to there religious and philosophical backgrounds; although with the new regime of tax , new ideas and philosophy will no doubt develop on the teaching of all religions.

It is even more urgent we change towards a common goal of global protection and sustainability of the earths resource with the aim of  a long term future for mankind today and our children of tomorrow.

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