Sunday, 1 September 2013

Is Obama hesitant and confused?

Is Obama hesitant and confused?

Not one bit , he appears to me to be someone who has a heart, A heart with feeling, awareness, love, a family man with a real sense of occasion who does not want to put in jeopardy the relative peace of the world.
We have so many problems in the world, and there appears to be NO simplistic answer, I am not surprised that President Obama or PM Cameron  took the unprecedented way of asking the people so to see if there really is another way forward in solving the Syria problem.

IT surely is the politicians main role is to sort out problems that affect the state and its peoples, so Wen it comes to make a statement as with Syria , military intervention really is not the way forward, surely it is to bring together all states that agree something must be done and find a new way of making our feelings felt, and one which does not fuel the crisis but one that defuses the civil war and create a new way of inclusiveness of all their peoples , Muslim Christian and the like.

As with "I have a dream", deals mainly with race , the same is with religion and tribal disputes, reconciliation must prevail and all efforts should be made to enhance this philosophy.

Real concern  must not be confused for  confusion and incompetence!

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