Monday, 9 September 2013

Obama's moment of a lifetime?

Is this Obama's  moment of a lifetime?

Syria may be the chance the global village of mankind can make areal statement about our choice of how we determine our future on the planet.

Going in fighting to show our displeasure over the use of WMD's will only show our ignorance in our ability to sort out problems in a rational , moral and ethical way.

If we select targets to bomb, Which targets, friend or foe, and who is friend or foe, do we know anymore?
How do we select the target, for what reason? Do we know that target is the cause?

Please do not make more war, Mr President Obama, start a new dialogue with all nations friends and foes alike, and bring to life the UN and other institutions that were designed to help solve such problems. We must shame and embarrass such regimes but at the same time give them room to change, and not be like a cornered rat with nowhere to go except fight.

This is a truly historic moment , when mankind begins to think a new way forward, for indeed we may have many more difficult times ahead  with climate change, scarcity of resources,  we must give dialogue a real chance otherwise we face annihilation.

May we really give peace a chance, please.

One man, One Chance, One People, One Earth.........

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