Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Welfare State and Taxation, the next big idea!

The next big idea   reply to George Monbiot

Land tax and the resulting monies spent on a basic income for all I totally applaud , however, it is only a small piece in the jigsaw of the economy and should be related and a part of a NATURAL RESOURCE TAX  which would tax all natural resources with the aim of:

..Reducing climate change
..Reducing wasteful tax collection costs
..Creating a more transparent,equal and fair taxation system.
..Making labor the driver of growth not wasteful use of resources see.   http://ex-tax.com/
..Reducing damage to the environment by bad planning and greed.
..reducing the overall tax burden by 50% .

The banking problems are best solved by having a policy of balanced books, whereby borrowing in excess of assets would be forbidden by governments  and banks  growth would be derived from profits not from money from thin air.

Stability will come from Fairness, Equality and Transparency, where there is a hidden agenda, there will be poverty,bitterness and war.

We all live now in a global village and we all need to share equitably  the resources and assets  we all have to our disposal, we all should be treated equally for education health and taxation.

A Natural Resource Tax , where all natural resources are taxed at as near source as possible at a level consumerate to the potential and actual  damage those resources do to the planet and at a rate determined by government to provide the services it determines democratically within a market led economy.This would replace all existing taxes except inheritance  or death taxes.
Along side this should be a basic salary for all to replace all welfare benefits and pensions.see. http://www.monbiot.com/2013/04/01/the-spark-of-hope/

It is the taxation system itself that needs to be brought up to the 21st century to take into account all the new threats we have of over population, old age, climate change, food shortages and pollution . a new taxation system can tackle all this , if only we had the guts to implement it? We seem to have the will to drive people from their homes with the bed room tax, and have the power to drive the disabled onto the streets  and to incite public revolt by these actions.  

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