Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Reform not Spending

Spend or cuts, that is the mantra of today, but we seem to have lost any sense of fair-play, and resourcefulness. Surely there are other ideas of how to solve the problem away from combative politics.
The idea of new fundamental ways of tackling the problem seems to be in no-ones radar, we have all the talk of the talk, and out of the box expressions, but no fundamentally new ideas, perhaps its always regarded as to revolutionary?

We have a choice of a quiet revolution which achieves its objectives without to much bloodshed , or we can have a REVOLUTION which destroys then rebuilds and hurts so many people, all except the rich who walk away for a while until the dust settles and then return to re-assert their power to re-establish the old order again with few changes.

I firmly believe we have a golden opportunity to have a quiet revolution with re-distributed wealth and assets without the bloodshed by demonstrating the unfairness of the existing and implementing a fair, equitable and transparent taxation system.

Taxation is the tool to define the line  between what is public and private, and it is with this tool we can redefine the wealth of the nation and redistribute it back to all on a more equitable basis. A Natural Resource Tax to to replace all existing taxes should  cover all land and natural resources, is the only real way to prevent  squandering and hording of those resource values by the few when they are the resource we all equally own along with nature and God.

This alongside a death re-distributive tax within the existing free market economy  would provide the right atmosphere of we are all in it together , as we all would be on an equal footing.

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