Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The 45's can teach us , what not to do !
Is it not time for us all to start to look forward into the future and assume a role of looking for new ways to solve the problems we are looking at. I agree that a look at the past is always a good idea to understand where we have come from, and to learn from, but not to copy and paste!
There has been enough navel gazing, what is needed is a view of what we want , a discussion of the future, a debate, models and trials. in fact some action of what is possible Why does mankind with all their intellect always wait until a revolution before any real change occurs?
The 45s was time of hope and promise, in many ways but the singular part that failed was the most important part, the failure of taxation reform.
Without real reform of the income of a country to reflect the aspirations and hopes of its peoples, all other activities become transitory and often themselves cause conflict between various sectors in society. This reform of taxation could take the form like the "Ex Tax" in the Holland http://www.ex-tax.com/ , but this is only a start of a taxation reform, and further steps towards taxation of all Natural Resources should occur to replace all existing taxes.

Taxation, is the tool with which the longest lasting and and most profound social changes occur, and without this recognition all other influences are only transitory.

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