Monday, 18 February 2013

Horse Meat


What can I say, is edible if not contaminated, tastes good, come from various provenance, racehorses, pets, strays, and working animals.
It can be eaten raw, smoked, cooked, ground, sliced, boiled, fried, and roasted. It can be eaten alongside so many vegetables and side-dishes, the list is endless....

Is it miss-labeling ? defrauding the public? Making a quick buck? It appears to be all these and just goes to show that the bigger the fraud the more people will get on the bandwagon and join in without even questioning how it happens.

Is this now mans nemesis and he now finds that everything is not always acceptable and we must ask questions on what is correct and how it impacts on fellow man and environment?

Such questions need to be asked to the banks,to the energy providers, alternatives, and politicians, This ticking the boxes without asking and really checking happens everywhere all of the time in hospitals , factories offices alike.

When will anyone really check , It is the responsibility of the shareholders and management to hold people to account , it is they who should pay.

Instead we have corporate greed with tax avoidance and evasion  on a large scale rewarding all those who have failed to check the boxes being ticked.

Now we have a temporary reality check with a few business going bust, only to be reincarnated into something similar again and continue the fraudulent behaviour all over again.

Fundamental tax reform is the only long term way forward , removing tax avoidance and fraud  away from inderviduals and corporations  towards taxing the damaging effects of all natural resources.

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