Monday, 18 February 2013

FAT TAX , Obesity and all that.....

"Tax the fat", I hear you all cry out, but to me we need to address the root cause of obesity, we are all to rich with to much time on our hands.

Planners, doctors, politicians  farmers, and cooks all have a role to play in this saga of mans insatiable appetite  for "food, and the good life".

The GOOD LIFE is in other words an excuse for excess and over indulgence, so why we all hide behind these words, which is an excuse to hurt ourselves with indulgence it is difficult to understand.

Perhaps it comes from the Titian paintings where well rounded and voluptuousness is at its height in society , with its acceptableness as being the true shape to be was established by the rich in society.

It is noted that it is the rich who decided it was right and then everyone followed and tried to emulate this state of full bodied, to show that they were in the higher state of the economy.

Now we are trying the reverse and the rich are showing we should be slim, lithe and athletic, with tools of the trade also making millions for the rich again, in gym clubs, spas, health and wellbeing shops and clubs, which are all taxed, and now a new fat tax direct from the government to tax the foods that governments have so longed promoted for profit and self interest reasons since  WW1.

The FAT TAX will only promote more tax evasion, fraud, and avoidance which is a sign of the  knee jerk reaction rather than long term social engineering in education of life and living styles.

This FAT TAX whether on sugars or fats, misses the point that a healthy lifestyle is determined by the indervidual and it is for them to control their own lives, It is the empowerment of each citizen to enable them to have full control of their own destiny within the scope of maintaining a sustainable planet for the current generation but also for our children.

The Fat tax does little, and it is the need that we have to change the whole tax and welfare system to enable everyone to take control of heir own lives and use resources according to their needs and  able to pay for the damage caused to the environment by their consumption.

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