Monday, 11 February 2013

Bankruptcy and the moral and ethical issues involved;

Musing over Bankruptcy and the moral and ethical issues involved;

 Who is the Victim who is Victor? or is there no winner and loser?

I think reform is nigh  and we need to bring back some real justice to reduce the cost the the consumer and give justice back to those who have in all notions , been swindled.

To me a lot of business failures are able to be identified far earlier and if this idea is true then all the business and personal failures are not much short of stealing.
Solicitors and liquidators do little to really compensate  victims , with often only pennies in the pound to compensate, as well as all the distress caused trying to get some sort of redress.

As we see horse meat in beefburgers and lasagna, scandals in all directions from banks to MP's who can we really rely on to give any real sense of the direction we all should be taking , or should we in fact let the "people decide" in another referendum, or am I not mistaken it is already in one of the opt ins or outs of the present promise of and EU in out referendum in 2017?

Can we really trust our legislators to have the control in this decisions making or can we  let the people decide?

Arguments are thrown around all over the place and on all sides , depending how much it directly affects you as an indervidual and family, but we are moving away from the point  or am I?
I believe we are getting closer to breakdown in society if trust cannot be upheld and maintained in all the regulatory and judiciary procedures , as theses have been to be adopted by the haves in society and are using them to maintain and further their own means, leaving many, thinking they are being treated outside of the law.
If this lack of trust is not corrected quickly and many heads allowed to fall, then I fear we may be to late as cutting reforms are sanctioned and implemented  causing many to feel angered and will take revenge in what ever form they can, by fraud , tax evasion and so on, and eventually disruption when they have little to lose.

Within this climate of mistrust and fear that everyone is going to steal any wealth we may have amassed over our working lifetime, only to see it disappear down a hole totally out of our own personal control , organised by the state and implemented by the rich conglomerates of so called care-homes?

A bankrupt , what is he ? a rouge, a thief, a fraudster, a ponzi schemer, payment avoidance,  a nice guy; who is this guy?  It could be just bad luck?

Should they be able to run a business again by themselves knowing their history?
Should  all potential business operators have some formal training in financial budgeting and planning?
Should all business operators be kept up to date with refresher courses as businesses grow?
Should all this be partially harmonized within Europe?

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