Thursday, 31 January 2013

Davos 2013,Jim Yong Kim, and Stern

Davos 2013,Jim Yong Kim, and Stern.

Its all been said at Davos this year , The climate is changing faster than thought, The solution is for private enterprise to make the investments and reap the rewards, what else is there left for us?

We pay our dues , we pay for the mistakes made in poor infrastructure, housing and pollution.

We are slowly being stripped of all our dignity, pride and self worth, by the establishment who has no real legitimate mandate from society as a whole, to do what they believe is right.
They are controlled by lobbyists who have resources beyond anyone's dreams, to maintain the every increasing flow of finance and capital away from the poor to the rich, in a one way flow that feeds it own and never drifts downwards in any real quantity.

As Bill Gates Senior advocates a death tax to redistribute wealth is the only way forward, but I suggest there are more reforms needed, if we are to tackle wealth re-distribution and also tackle climate change.

A Natural Resource Tax that replaces all existing taxes  linked with a wealth re-distributive  death tax is the only way to quickly make any real fundamental change in the way society consumes and thinks towards the use of carbon and all other natural resources.
This tax changes the whole mindset of all who use it, from reducing fraud, tax evasion and avoidance and with a system that enhances job creation, embraces new technology and brings everyone on the same level for having to pay for the damage caused to the planet and subsequently onto each other.

Mankind in general has lost the type of respect for all living things and indeed the land itself, that the Red Indians of America  had during their days of living directly off the land
The use and consumption of Natural Resources now is on such a scale that very little respect is given to the damage those resources have  on the environment and subsequently or directly on the climate. present thinking and actions has does little in reducing consumption, with the result that little changes in reducing the use of the valuable natural resources we all accept every moment.

Fundamental reform of the very basic institutions that have been built up layer upon layer without real acknowledgement of the change of circumstances we have on the planet, being population and over consumption, has to occur to enable real  strides forward in conserving and maintaining a planet for future generations.

What future doe we have without hope?   we are losing trust in everything and everybody, what we need is everyone to to accept that  the planet is their responsibility and everyone  should pay the price of their own damage to it.

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