Wednesday, 23 January 2013

EU or No EU, climate and debt crisis forgotten

The PM spoke this morning; I thought I was in an ideal land of promises, with discussion and debate to make the EU a community of nations with individual identities from which we all learn from each other and where we all have an open debate to arrive at less centralism and more localized powers to individual nations with a common interest of enhancing  trade and  communications.

He then spoke of a vote to stay in or out and this was his biggest let down, it was like holding a pistol at he heads of state within the EU and demanding they listen, Its like being cornered like a rabbit about to be shot. This was his biggest mistake and I feel will haunt him for the rest of his premiership, indeed it will also stop any inwardly investment from abroad , as the threat is to real for them to ignore.

The speech otherwise should have been a education lesson that all Brits should well do to listen to , as it pointed to the positives as well as the negative of the state of the EU with the UK. It was a pity that the BBC radio 4 chose not to broadcast in full, as it would have been a very useful lesson.
I had to hurry to find the TV and resume my lesson , having missed some useful tips, I will just have to catch up on iplayer, if only my internet was fast enough!  Everyone seems to agree the public needs to be better informed , what a lost opportunity.

Now for the start of an elongated silly 5 years in which we hear nothing that may help the economy or climate, as it will be dominated by the EU vote and lack of investment in the uncertain times ahead.
In my opinion this is one of the biggest mistakes made at the present time , and will lead to  the self indulgence of inward looking ideas, that will lead nowhere. The climate issue will wait for nobody and we will have lost yet another golden chance to lead the world in what really could be done in reduce the effects of excessive consumption on the planet.

It is the rest of the speech about debate and discussion that we should concentrate on without the pistol, and if any vote is needed to satisfy the loud-mouths , then it should be about how the EU can achieve the PM's objectives in achieving more trade, solve the debt crisis, sort the climate and environmental catastrophe, and make the banks and wealthy,realise they have a duty to the rest of society in enabling equality and fairness to all.

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