Friday, 18 January 2013

How nature and culture dictates our future with climate change

 I am very interested in how nature and culture dictates our future with climate change, linked with a fundamental reform in how society perceives nature and their cultural past with regard to the future of mankind. I have been playing with the idea of , " If we could change tax and welfare systems fundamentally to mitigate climate change , how would the population react, given a  a model of such change."

How would society and inderviduals react to the new empowerment of the consumer?  Who would by default dictate the final outcome, indeed it would be society as whole by their everyday actions, consumption  and way of life that would determine the real consequences, as there would be few places left to hide environmental damage as the consequences would be large, in higher taxes higher prices and higher consumer resistance will result.

Simply put , I have been advocating replacing all existing taxes with a single tax on all natural resources  levied at a rate consumerate with the damage caused to the environment by their use and collected as near to source as possible.

This would enable a radical rethink by society as a whole to the true value of natural resources, being land,ecosystems, minerals and fuels.

This linked with a welfare reform on a similar basis , empowering the indervidual to look after themselves and the environment, would I believe be the only way out of the climate change scenario.

The need for fundamental research in this area at this point in tie is critical and must be completed quickly to avoid the Alternative Meltdown by existing political theory , dogma and action.

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