Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Venus Project ... A reflection

The Venus Project  a reflection  http://www.thevenusproject.com

Nearly all I have been saying for years but to idealistic, some say.

It fails in the way to get it implemented. My belief is we have to start from where we are now, and what can we do now to start the ball rolling in the direction you suggest. To me the only real way is to empower all citizens with the ability to make the right decisions, this can be achieved by taxing all Natural Resources at as near to source as possible based on the damage the use of the resources cause the planet,thus making a resource based economy that you desire in your film. At the same time withdrawal of all taxes except death tax, to redistribute wealth.

As the present economies are market based this taxation system should become globalized and I feel that the capitalist system although flawed and not always efficient, it does provide mental and visionary stimuli that man needs to be a sane person like you and me. Without this incentive I fear your vision is to become automatons and long term be susceptible to dictators when crisis arise which they always do.

My vision is very similar to yours but implemented  and driven by all in society equally and fairly, by the very way they consume the goods and services everyone , and business, needs. It is a global Natural Resource Tax which would replace all existing taxes and would also provide a basic wage for all to cover a minimum level security for welfare and pensions for life.
This would enable all to better themselves by working to provide more than survival, and they would be self enabled to  become self sufficient  and be an active and participating member of society.

A society which has all the rules laid out before them will automatically want to rebel , even if they are fair, mans nature is be an individual  with individual identities,destiny must remain in their own hands, although fraught with danger.

This system allows for some to be richer than others , but they would have to pay the true cost of the damage they incur the planet and fellow man by the higher tax levels they would pay on the goods and services they all use.

It may well be that to equalize economies that there would pay controls to stop under pay and  control excessive over pay, but not to stifle competition and entrepreneurship.

My main point is that you say little about the social behaviour of how man works and lives, but are determining his future by the lifestyle you envisage. It just maybe what is happening in China is a little like what may happen to your ideas!

david dunn

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