Thursday, 4 April 2013

Pay for your weight!

Pay for your weight! Pay for the damage you do to the environment!

Great news that Samoa Air is to impose  ticket prices based on the passengers total weight of themselves and all their luggage.

This innovative idea proposed by a few, has finally reached mainstream, albeit a relative small airline, but will be a trendsetter for the future. As fuel prices rise due to shortage and also with more progressive green taxes on fuel, the airline industry has to find new ways of carrying more for less, New planes built of lighter materials and more fuel efficient  will be developed , but in the mean time there are a lot of airlines using older and less efficient models and will continue for some time to come, this initiative comes at an opportune time and along with a general rethink of use of natural resources which are becoming scarce and finite, action must be taken to ensure sustainability for future generations.

This new innovative approach will help Samoa Air, by being able to carry more freight with less planes and make sure that the airline has a long sustainable future.

A bigger issue is the cost of aviation fuel, which should be taxed at levels to similar to other fuels used in other trans port systems, to reflect the a more realistic cost to the damage the burning of all fuels have on the environment.

As mentioned in earlier Blogs , a reformed tax system would ensure all forms of transport are all on the same level playing-field, and that only the really most efficient would attract any special grants , subsidies or special tax arrangements as a temporary transitional arrangement to a fully costed transport system.

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