Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The new beginning in economics

Its nice to see at the economists and politicians are finally waking up to the fact that tweaking the existing economic model will fail in rejuvenating the national and global economies.

This failure to understand that we cannot go on taking the earth's natural resources for granted and indeed taking them for nothing,, except the cost of extraction or their use.

The fundamental premise that we must tax the individual and business is based on historical needs of the past, but now we must look to the future and the needs ,not only of mankind , but also of the dwindling natural resources and the direct consequence of their use.

Fundamental change in the way he Taxation and welfare systems have to be adopted within the capitalist market place, as this would provide a new fairness and equality of use of resources to all, and those who use the most would also pay the most.

All existing taxes should be replaced with a single NATURAL RESOURCE TAX, collected as near source extraction or use as possible,levied at a rate commensurate with the environmental and biological damage it causes  and at a rate determined by government spending needs.

Welfare should be based on a national wage for all, for life .This would pay for all welfare and benefit provision for the individual, and it would be up to the individual to make the best use of this for their individual needs and requirements by buying services required.

These two fundamental reforms would change the whole way in which we all think and act, all decisions we take as individuals and businesses. This change of mind-set would provide real impetus for a real assessment of all the stayed practices of the past and provide a real growth economy based of the real effects we have upon the planet.

It would also provide for less tax fraud,evasion and less collection costs , and with the removal of subsidies and other distorting subsidies, would provide for a real economy that is far more fair and equal.

The carrying on in the same vein we have for the past millennia, is no reason to continue in the same way in the future. Civilizations have risen and fallen in the past but always something new comes along which is what I am proposing, before we have the collapse.

We have the Technology, the tools, resources and the brain power, but what we need to make it happen, is real fairness and equality in the realization of the needs of the future without the greed of the past that always distorts the whole.

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