Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Jimmy Savile cover up?

Thanks to tonights BBC panorama programe about Jimmy Saville "http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-20031176", it just demonstrates how the high places of supossed hig repute are so defecient in their own ability to control and monitor themselves and more often than not accept a wink and a nod as full acceptance of the status qou at that moment in time , whether or not it is legal or socially unacceptable.

THis program highlights far greater problems within the higher echelons in society  of naive, corrupt and accepting behaviour. The establishment and all the acceptance of behavioural problems from Eaton to Westminster should also be brought to light in the same way as this and similar events have been exposed in recent years.

Power corrupts , is a well known saying and is accepted by all as correct , but few ever challenge it until its to late and many have been hurt irreparably for life , and the only answer is they say , is , " they asked for it" or they could not report them as they were already in a vulnerable state.

The government of any state is to protect its citizens from dangers , and not to incur dangers to the individuals of their own, or ignoring what is happening.

This is a sign that the state is in collapse from ethical and moral standards, and will fail unless real radical reforms to simplify and empower the individuals with real power over their own lives and recognition of misdemeanors of the past and real full apologies made with real heartfelt feelings for those affected.

Jimmy ,we may yet thank you for pointing out the real problems in society, lack of real understanding and feelings for the individual citizen in all where the powerful has an influence over them.

Just take a look at all institutions , from MPs expenses to the banking crisis , the deported children to Australia to Quantitative Easing, destroying many individuals savings , and so on,  and on ...and on...


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