Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Educators just can't manage!

Why is it that we send our children to university, I thought is was to help them learn about how to do things in the right way , and to learn to manage themselves in all things that might be thrown at them in their future lives.
Also I thought that it was to teach them best practise and how to manage not just themselves but the surroundings and environment in which they live.
These things i have sorely found out not to be the case , from Kings to Exeter,and Hull to UEL , All have failed in the task of being able to demonstrate they are capable of  organising dates for exams, proper tutorials ,and proper  project management training in the art of allocating time tables  correctly.
You would have thought with all the computing power and all those brains in these establishments that they would show by example how to organise the fundamentals of university life.
Perhaps it is that they think the world revolves around them and the rest of the world can't do anything until they decide , if they can decide on dates etc. I know they want holidays etc but at the expense of the rest of society.

My rant is not just selfish , although that is what started it , but just to think of all the extra energy that has to be exerted to try to attain some sort of order again .

This energy is destroying the climate and environment , do they care? do they hell. It always the rest of society that has to pay the bill, in time and frustration and also the consequences of climate change.

Organization and planning is all we are asking, my experience in Holland shows that it can be done where exam results are given within 2 weeks and resits done within the same year without the need to waste a year!

 Enough rambling , enough said . Just do it!

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