Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The age of Real?

The age of Real 

We are all engaged in the unreal world of finding "jobs for the boys".With ever increasing jobs for the bureaucratic bureaucracy of maintaining the class system.

OK , I hear you all say ,that the class system is all but gone , but No , it has not  we have a system of governance  globally which is always trying to extract all natural resources for the least and for the highest gain , Thus forcing many into the slavery of the sweat shops and increasing the gap between the rich and poor.

This greed of trying to get something for nothing and sell at a high price is at the very heart of the problem of sustainability we have today, linked with the tax and welfare systems inherited from the dark ages and only tweaked since. 

Fundamental direct linkage has to be created between the financial rewards all in society want, and the damage caused to the environment from the use and  extraction of all natural resources.

Reformation of the tax and welfare systems should reflect this and rewards should only be given to systems that reduce the reliance and excessive use of such natural resources.

By Natural resources I mean all land itself and all minerals, metals and fuels  that are extracted from it.

The Proposal 

Instead of Taxing inderviduals and businesses with all kinds of capital and consumer taxes , direct and indirect, I propose replacing all taxes with a single Natural Resource Tax, NRT, which would be collected as near source as possible and levied at a rate consumerate with the damage caused to the environment and at a rate determined by governments to provide the centralised services we all require. 

This new tax would help reduce fraud, tax evasion and require far less in the financial sectors in terms of accountants and tax collectors. It would also fundamentally change everyone's attitude to the real costs involved in the goods and services we all use and consume  at indervidual or corporate level , everyone would all treated exactly the same, with no exceptions.

Welfare would also get the same treatment and all citizens would get wage for life , which would be to replace all welfare payments and benefits , and it would then be up to the indervidual to save and invest this  as their insurance policy, and the only exception to any modification to this would be for humanitarian reasons like disablement from work . 

Having read parts of your book and much on the subject , we all seem to be in agreement to such proposals , but everyone seems to be afraid of upsetting the status quo and in particular putting their own jobs at risk.  The establishment is hell bent on just increasing the levels of bureaucracy with ever more jobs for the boys, which are not real jobs but created to protect the establishment and taking more of the pot of gold for themselves and increasing the divide between the rich and poor.

This financial divide caused by the money always rising to the top and failing to be recycled to the lower poor in the population and will be the main cause in future of any uprisings , like the ones in Libya and Egypt, and also as we are beginning to see in Greece and Spain .

Pouring more money in is only increasing the wealth differential and done only to protect the rich in society and does very little to address the real problem of the lack of  equality and fairness.

Getting real does mean , using all natural resources to the best of man's ability , making best use of recycling, reuse, and reduce . without the need of incentives, which the NRT would achieve, as it would make all resource that much more valuable and would also be at real price based on its scarcity, availability and the environmental damage it causes.

Yes getting real will cause many problems, but these can be reduced by planning , rather than waiting for a collapse of society, with an outcome that may be a lot worse.   

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