Thursday, 27 September 2012

Responsibility ! Where does it lay ? Who has it? Where does the buck stop?

At a time when the social services are under scrutiny over the non action taken over schoolgirls being groomed , its a convenient time to ask , who should be held to account and who has real responsibility, my thoughts are that such professionals are paid for just this, so if they are not accountable at a personal level then should they get the rewards  without the flack?

Who has true responsibility for their actions , few I would suggest , as is being demonstrated by the way, so called professional workers hide behind a wall of the the "Organisation"  which in itself is beyond recall.

This approach of non responsibility is very worrying and dates back far into the past, and even at international levels . Politicians and bureaucrats have all failed to make the indervidual responsible for the actions, or in actions,  they take.

Urgent action  at all levels of society needs to be taken to address this problem as it only encourages a state whereby anything goes and the indervidual citizens are at risk of being totally trampled over and ignored.

 At a time when we are all asking for fairness and  equality,  responsibility has to be alongside these to allow a fair and equitable society to develop?

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